Surface Finishing and Coating

Impregnation for Electrical Machines and Electrical Components

An indispensable production step for high-grade electrotechnical machines and components with copper wire winding is the protection and fixation of the wire windings using resin. The resin coating provides for the required stability and protects the workpiece against outside influences.

Customized Complete Systems for Impregnation

From 0.3 – 30,000 kg – our engineers will find the appropriate plant concept for coating components for motors, generators, inductors or transformers.

Eisenmann develops individual plant concepts depending on the number of items, lot sizes and workpiece weight together with the customer. In this process, high-grade plant components are optimized in respect of the component requirements and combined to form a complete system together with the appropriate material flow and handling concept.

In the past few years, dip impregnating plants in various design versions have proved themselves.
Beyond dispute, the benefits of dipping are the reliable, complete impregnation and thus an optimum protection of the dipped workpiece. In most cases, typical plants are made up of the following components: component preheating system, impregnating plant, gelling and curing zone, cooling zone, conveyor system for workpieces, exhaust air treatment with thermal oxidizer or regenerative thermal oxidizer.

Systems engineering technology has changed in parallel to the development of environmentally friendly resin systems without solvents. Therefore, it is often possible to do without exhaust air treatment if resins without monomers are used.

Thick Film Phosphating

Eisenmann, having vast process know-how, is also a competent partner in thick film phosphating. With the large number of many different tailor-made systems our engineers have access to a pool of diversified modules, enabling them to provide individually configured plants of the highest quality.

In the area of thick film zinc or mangan phosphating Eisenmann designs and manufactures individual, tailor-made plants for industrial customers in addition to the traditional dip-plants with basket. In this context, Eisenmann covers the entire process equipment from pretreatment (degreasing, pickling, activating, phosphating) to material handling to exhaust air and waste water treatment.

By the way, there are interesting advancements with regard to the process-related accumulation of sludge in phosphating processes – talk to us!