Surface Finishing and Coating

Complete Enameling Systems from One Source

Layout_EmaillieranlageIn the enameling industry, the name Eisenmann is a synonym for complete enameling systems from one source. As the leading supplier of complete high-quality plants, our engineers can resort to more than 30 years of experience with all the established processes. On this basis, the advantages and disadvantages of alternative processes are weighed up against each other objectively to find the optimum solution for our customers.

Eisenmann plans and manufactures complete enameling systems for enameling the following products:
Hot water tanks, Cooker components (oven cavities, baking trays, etc.), Bath tubs and shower basins, Traffic signs, Architectural panels and other technical products.

Depending on the product and the required quality, the following enamel application methods are used:

  • Powder enameling (electrostatic application system)
  • Wet enameling (spraying, flooding, dipping)
  • Electro porcelain enameling (EPE)

Our product line encompasses all system components from pretreatment, to coating and firing furnaces. Eisenmann also supplies you with material handling systems, control technology and integrated environmental technology with energy recovery and wastewater treatment.