High-Temperature and Atmosphere Furnaces

Technical Ceramics and New Materials

Roller-type kilns for ferrites and solenoids

With our plants we provide comprehensive process know-how for optimizing all the process parameters according to your product. Eisenmann has introduced distinctive new developments in many sectors of the ceramics industry. In this context, the productivity could be increased, the quality enhanced and the entire production flow directed to new grounds.

Typical sectors of success for Eisenmann: electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical ceramics, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, fuel cells, ceramic brakes, photovoltaics, battery systems and many more.

From the pilot plant to highly-efficient production lines

Eisenmann supports you throughout the entire product life cycle. Our process engineers analyze your requirements and discuss the technical solutions with you. Wherever required, our specialists use the possibilities provided by our Technology Center and develop tests to assure novel technical or process engineering solutions in advance.

In this process, we never loose track of the requirements with respect to scalability. Eisenmann makes use of vast experience in implementing complex processes, from the pilot plant up to the fully automatic production line. Whether complex processes can be scaled to continuous systems with a manageable risk is often determined as early as in the layout phase of the pilot plant.

For our job, we have an extensive construction kit of already implemented plant systems at our disposal. We are familiar with all the established furnaces and kilns.