High-Temperature and Atmosphere Furnaces

Efficient PM Sintering Kilns

Dewaxing zone (kiln entry)

Sintering plays a key part in powder metallurgy since the microstructure is created in this process and the mechanical properties of the sintered parts are defined. With the modular roller-type kiln with lock systems, Eisenmann provides a powerful concept for high-temperature sintering of complex structural powder-metal parts.

Continuous roller-type kilns for maximum performance

Due to their high flexibility, roller-type kilns with double-door lock systems permit optimum adaptation to the metallurgical requirements of the sintering process. The PM sintering kilns of Eisenmann are subdivided into the following zones:

  • Stearate zone
  • Sintering zone
  • Rapid cooling zone
  • Final cooling zone

With sintering temperatures of up to 1350 °C, atmosphere separation and precise setting of the temperature profile, it is possible to produce low-alloy and high-alloy PM steels reproducibly with utmost quality. Very low dew points permit dependable sintering of alloying elements with a high oxygen affinity such as chromium, manganese or vanadium. An integrated rapid cooling module (gas quenching zone) permits sinter-hardening of new PM steels with tight dimensional tolerances and high material strength and hardness values.

Flexible, energy-optimized new developments

High-temperature roller-type kilns made by Eisenmann set standards in the production of powder-metal alloys containing chromium. The new, energy-optimized generation of roller-type kilns achieves a considerable increase in efficiency in the sintering process. This permits a cost-efficient production even of small batches.