Coil Coating

Ovens for Strip Coating Lines

Example of the process technology applicable to a coil coating line

With its comprehensive product portfolio, Eisenmann not only has the process know-how for the wet stages of a line but also for the steps involving dryers and ovens that are often located downstream.

The topic of curing ovens has always been a focal point of the engineers at Eisenmann. As a leading supplier of coating lines for the most diverse industrial sectors, our engineers have gained vast experience with all the established drying processes and can thus balance the advantages and disadvantages of alternative procedures objectively against each other.

In this way, Eisenmann can always supply the appropriate drying process, from the conventionally designed oven up to 500 °C with direct or indirect heating right up to the high-performance drying system with near-infrared technology, referred to as NIR in short.

The latter achieves an excellent curing performance due to a very high energy density despite the extremely short design. It can vaporize the solvent effectively before the crosslinking process of the paints has been completed. At the same time, the system responds to changes in the process very fast by switching on or off, virtually eliminating damage to the coating caused by overheating or too long a residence time. This application has won recognition especially in the field of inline painting in galvanizing.

Due to the integrated air rate control system, Eisenmann drying plants facilitate an energy-efficient operation as a function of the respective solvent concentration. Of cause, our engineers will take all the required monitoring facilities into consideration and suggest alternative safety concepts. For the safety requirements according to DIN EN 1539 and DIN EN 13849-1 that have been tightened recently, we can provide solutions we have already put into practice.

However, the scope of performance does not end at drying. As a supplier of overall systems, Eisenmann also offers the related exhaust air purification plants. Depending on the application, either a regenerative or thermal oxidizer and an adsorption system from the Eisenmann portfolio can be combined with the dryer.