Carbon Fiber

Innovative Oxidation Ovens for an effective PAN Fiber Stabilization

The core competence of Eisenmann in the field of carbon fiber production is the design and delivery of innovative oven technologies for the oxidation process. In combination with our highly-efficient exhaust air purification plants as well as downstream energy recovery systems an energy-efficient overall system is formed.

With worldwide orders for the delivery of more than 50 oxidation ovens and the related exhaust air purification technology, Eisenmann has become one of the leading supplier of this sophisticated technology in the past few years. In this context, the success is based on the profound analysis of the requirements and the persistent development of innovative oven technologies with energy-efficient heat recovery systems.

Air flow concepts

Oxidation ovens made by Eisenmann set new standards in terms of temperature uniformity and air velocity distribution. Eisenmann offers the customers the optimum air flow concept for each fiber type (1k-320k):

  • Vertical Down Flow
  • Center-To-End Flow with a patented center blow-out channel
  • Horizontal Cross Flow
  • Multi-Flow ventilation systems with overlaid air flows

Eisenmann is the only provider on the market who can resort to this broad range of ventilation systems.

Patented air seal system

With its new air seal, filed for patent, Eisenmann has developed a sealing system that offers significant advantages compared to all the concepts available on the market.