Paint Shops for Plastic Parts

Customized Paint Shops for Plastic Parts

Cross flow current Venturi scrubber

Having delivered more than 300 paint shops for plastic parts, Eisenmann is the leading global industrial solutions provider of the industry. We offer innovative solutions for painting plastic parts of all kinds such as automotive components as well as rotor blades for the windpower industry.

Since the paint is applied fully automatically on plastic parts for quality reasons, Eisenmann designs air-conditioned spray booths according to the requirements.

Apart from high air circulation rates, the circulating air flow in the spray booth provides for considerable energy saving due to a low fresh air/exhaust air ratio.

As separator systems, Eisenmann uses dry separation as well as wet separation via the Venturi scrubber. The latest innovations at Eisenmann's are the electrostatic separation system E-Scrub, as well as the dry paint separation system E-Cube.