Paint Shops for Plastic Parts

Range of Applications of the Ovens

Layout of a complete carbon fiber lineOn the one hand, Eisenmann ovens are used for the evaporation of water following the pretreatment (Powerwash), on the other hand, for drying the paint and for curing following the painting process.

Eisenmann provides the following ovens in the field of plastic parts coating

Dry-Off Ovens / Cure Ovens
The air flow in cure ovens and dry-off ovens is generally implemented via air injection ceilings with filters and an additional prefilter stage in the heating unit. Usage at circulating air temperatures of from approx. 80 C° to 100 C°. Heating is optionally performed using gas, hot water, thermal oil or steam.

Dehydration Ovens
In the dehydration ovens, the workpieces are dried by blowing with dehumidified air. 

Layout of a complete carbon fiber lineRadiation Ovens
For plastics paint systems, ovens equipped with infrared and UV radiators are used for paint curing of diffusion disks, reflectors and windpower blades, for example. The following infrared radiator models are available:
  • Carbon radiators
  • Ceramic radiators
  • Gas radiators