Paint Shops for Plastic Parts

Material Flow through the Paint Line for Plastic Surfaces

When choosing a conveyor system, for most of the plastics you should always pay attention to how prone the plastic is to attract dust and dirt. Eisenmann generally recommends a bottom-mounted conveyor system, e.g. based on an upside-down circular conveyor or a Power & Free conveyor. This ensures that the workpiece surfaces are not soiled by wear debris of an overhead conveyor. 

  • Skid Conveyor System
    The skid conveyor systems are of great significance in the field of paint shops for plastic parts. Mostly they are made up of carrying chain conveyors, turning stations and lifting tables, lifting mechanisms and transfer units and generally feature hard-coded skids.
  • Circulating Conveyor
    This bottom-mounted conveyor, often an upside-down circular conveyor, is equipped with customized workpiece holders. Carriers, booms and head spindles range among the design variants. 
  • Power&Free Floor Conveyor
    The Power&Free (P&F) floor conveyor is based on a dual-rail system just like the traditional P&F overhead conveyors. The conveying chain runs in the upper rail; it conveys the trolleys with the workpieces by pusher dogs in the lower rail.