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Process Data Acquisition and Control

Visualization of a conveyor system

As a systems supplier, Eisenmann integrates the complete plant control technology from one source. The problem of having to deal with a variety of interfaces does not arise. Our competent specialists have years of experience in the following fields:

  • Project planning/ creating functional requirements
  • Circuit diagram design and the manufacture of control cabinets
  • Creating software for PLCs and visualization systems
  • Material flow control, process control systems and the connection to customer ERP systems (E-MES)
  • Commissioning, on-site production support and training

Due to extensive planning and counseling, concepts can be taken into account as early as in the project planning and tender preparation stages that result in a plant that is easy to maintain, energy efficient and economic.

To reduce downtimes, Eisenmann offers a remote maintenance option for all important control components.

Eisenmann Manufacturing Execution System E-MES

Example of the visualization of an oven temperature profile in E-MES

E-MES is a flexible and scalable MES/control system - especially designed for automated manufacturing – that can be used variably for applications ranging from a simple operating and monitoring system to a complete MES solution.

E-MES focuses on a continuous, transparent overall structure across all manufacturing areas. E-MES offers modules for increasing efficiency in production.

The data are gathered online by the control systems of the production plants. The data are evaluated by means of E-MES Reports, a Web client. Thus, all the information is always available on any PC in the company network.

E-MES combines the long-standing experience of Eisenmann in plant engineering with the requirements of the production control level of a present-day enterprise.

Since its first application in 2002, E-MES has been developed further consistently using the latest technologies. Within the scope of service contracts, E-MES can be checked and serviced regularly from the Eisenmann headquarters.

The entire process data are collected centrally in E|MES and presented to the operator clearly and in compact form via the visualization so that the operator always has an overview of the overall plant status.