Paint Shops for Plastic Parts

Pretreatment as a Prerequisite for First-Grade Coating

Plastics tend to acquire an electrostatic charge fast and thus attract dust. Even minor contaminations cause rejects. Cleaning and pretreatment of the components is a fundamental prerequisite for good wetting and paint adhesion and thus decisive for the successful coating of plastic components.

Well-established is cleaning by using wet chemical methods. Parts with a normal degree of soiling are cleaned by means of alkaline spray degreasing and then rinsed with DI water. More heavily soiled parts are degreased in two stages at higher temperatures and using higher spray pressures.

Examples of other pretreatment procedures used in Eisenmann plants:

  • CO2 cleaning
  • Low-pressure plasma process
  • Fluorine treatment
  • Flame treatment
  • Sanding and activating with the VarioSurfer