Paint Shops for Metal Surfaces

Material Flow through the Paint Line for Metal Surfaces

In the field of paint lines for metal surfaces, mainly overhead conveyor systems are used. Eisenmann offers a number of possibilities for conveying your workpieces through the surface finishing processes.

Circular Chain Conveyors
The circular chain conveyor is the absolute classic among the continuously operating conveyors. It is characterized by a simple control unit, high operational reliability and a long life cycle at a good cost-benefit ratio.

Power & Free Conveyors
Eisenmann Power & Free conveyors are reliable and highly-flexible material flow systems. They make it possible to stack goods carriers, sort them via switches and buffer them in storage areas. Furthermore, multiple chain circuits that can be linked provide for different conveying speeds. They can also be operated in cycled mode.

Power&Free Floor Conveyors
The Power&Free (P&F) floor conveyors are based on a dual-rail system just like the traditional P&F overhead conveyors. The conveying chain runs in the upper rail; it conveys the trolleys with the workpieces by pusher dogs in the lower rail.

Transfer Bridges / Transfer Lift Bridges
For especially compact operating modes and flexible setup (even in the case of bulky and heavy workpieces) the Eisenmann transfer bridge / transfer lift bridge technology can get conveyor systems to the point.

Electric Monorail Systems
Eisenmann Electric Monorail Systems (EMS) provide for implementing a large variety of operating modes at high throughput speeds.

Eisenmann uses hoists for paint shops, in which workpieces are cycled through pretreatment and paint dip basins. Especially for very large workpieces such as truck frames or airfoils, these are the best choice.

Special applications such as spindle conveyor systems, skid conveyors, carrying chain conveyors and transfer systems such as shuttle conveyors are also included in the Eisenmann product range.


Automation using robotics combined with image processing is another logistic module. Eisenmann provides overall systems for linking various material flow and parts handling systems.