Water Treatment

Water Recycling

Water recycling using an evaporator

Prevention and reutilization are preferable to disposal. To this end, water recycling technologies should take priority over waste water treatment. With our extensive experience in a wide variety of production processes, Eisenmann can take into account ways of saving and recycling water at the planning stage.

For example, deploying an evaporator enables a pretreatment system for a paint finishing line to be operated without creating waste water. That means a number of regulatory requirements no longer apply.

Another example with both environmental and cost benefits is using a two-stage membrane process to recycle printing inks. The wash water used in this process is treated so that the printing ink can be recovered and the resulting water can be discharged without difficulty.

Membrane processes involve ultrafiltration followed by nanofiltration. Ultrafiltration removes the pigments. The resulting solids remain in circulation until the necessary viscosity for the printing process has been reached inside the concentrate tank. Subsequent nanofiltration removes the remaining organic substances and heavy metals, so that the pure nanofiltrate can be disposed of or reused.

This example shows that, with a combination of resource recovery and waste water treatment, environmental technology offer a rapid return on investment.