Water Treatment

Eisenmann Boiler Feed Water Treatment

Multi-layer filter for particle removal upstream of ion exchanger

In the energy and process engineering industries, high-quality boiler feed water is crucial for the reliable operation of steam generators. Eisenmann offers a wide range of water treatment systems.

Treating boiler feed water usually involves a variety of processes in different combinations. This includes pretreatment of raw water, complete desalination, condensate return treatment, and if required, treatment of resulting waste water.


For the desalination stage, we deploy reverse osmosis systems and ion exchangers. We primarily implement reverse osmosis where the raw water has a high salt content and regeneration chemicals are not advisable. If salt content is low, ion exchangers are generally a more cost-effective option. To ensure the highest quality boiler feed water, subsequent treatment is essential, through mixed-bed ion exchangers or electrodeionisation.

Treatment of waste water from boiler feed water treatment

Eisenmann offers a wide variety of options to further treat any resulting waste water.
We can provide concentration systems with evaporators.