Waste Disposal

Eisenmann Rotary Kiln

Eisenmann rotary kiln with all-steel construction and counter-current

Eisenmann rotary kilns are ideal for waste heat recovery from solids and/or sludge. Depending on the input material, you can deploy brick-lined or all-steel rotary kilns. The input material also determines whether the kiln is operated in co-current or counter-current mode. Eisenmann designs and supplies peripheral components, such as input material storage and preparation, feeding systems, waste heat recovery and made-to-measure flue gas purification systems, customized to suit your requirements and in line with your input material.

Eisenmann can provide rotary kilns in the following configurations:

  • Directly or indirectly heated
  • Co-current (burner and feeding system located at same end) or counter-current (burner and feeding system located on opposite ends) operation
  • All-steel (T < 650/700°C) or brick-lined (T > 700°C) construction


Thermal treatment of solid waste

  • Hazardous waste incineration
  • Weapons destruction
  • Incineration of toxic substances
  • Incineration of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
  • Incineration of sewage sludge/dried sewage sludge 
  • Oil removal from mill scale
  • Incineration of shredder residues
  • Incineration of residual fractions of domestic/commercial waste
  • Thermal treatment of contaminated soil

Thermal treatment of viscous waste

  • Oil sludge disposal/refinery sludge incineration
  • Hazardous waste incineration
  • Combustion of toxic materials


  • Can be employed for a wide variety of purposes
  • Robust design
  • Extremely flexible
  • Made-to-measure storage and feeding systems
  • Customer-specific types


Operation of Armored Rotary Kiln