Waste Disposal

Eisenmann Pyrobustor® Dual-Chamber Rotary Kilns

Diagram Eisenmann Pyrobustor® dual-chamber rotary kiln

Eisenmann’s patented Pyrobustor is an ideal solution for incineration of sewage sludge with a throughput of up to 1,000 kg of dried sewage sludge per hour.

In line with your needs, Eisenmann can provide Pyrobustor in the form of individual components or a complete system solution. In addition to combustion, the system solution includes downstream waste heat recovery, precisely configured to make full use of the resulting flue gas, and flue gas purification in line with regulatory requirements.


In two sequential steps, Pyrobustor transforms high-calorific value dried sewage sludge into pyrolysis gas and ashes suitable for disposal in a landfill:

  • First stage – pyrolysis: The material is fed in the pyrolysis chamber, where it is pyrolyzed. This produces coke, which is transferred to the Pyrobustor’s oxidation zone, where it is completely combusted. The resulting pyrolysis gas has a high calorific value and can be used as fuel for subsequent process steps, such as post-combustion of any flue gases emitted by the process.
  • Second stage – oxidation: The pyrolysis coke is completely incinerated in the oxidation zone. The hot flue gas generated by this process is fed past the pyrolysis chamber via a ring gap, providing the energy required for pyrolysis by indirect heat input.

As the residual inert ash is conveyed towards the ash discharger, part of its heat energy is transferred back to the Pyrobustor’s oxidation zone. This also serves to cool the ash down.

Diagram Eisenmann Pyrobustor® dual-chamber rotary kiln The heat stored in the hot exhaust gas coming out of the post-combustion chamber can be used to generate steam, or to heat thermal oil or process water, according to your needs.







  • Efficient and reliable operation
  • Long and successful track record
  • Suitable for small mass flow rates of 400 kg/h and above
  • Ideal for decentralized sewage sludge incineration on site
  • Which translates into: Safe, reliable disposal, Prevention of waste tourism
  • Saves operating costs by recovering the energy stored in the sewage sludge


Thermal treatment of sewage sludge