Waste Disposal

The Turaktor® High-Turbulence Combustion Chamber

Inside view of the Turaktor® The Eisenmann Turaktor high-turbulence combustion chamber is ideal for the thermal treatment of liquids, suspensions, harmful gases and dust at temperatures up to 1,400 °C.

The materials undergoing treatment are sprayed into the reactor chamber via an inlet nozzle. This creates turbulence in the Turaktor high-turbulence combustion chamber and ensures optimum heat and mass transfer conditions.



Version 1

How version 1 of the Turaktor works The input material (e.g. liquid waste) is injected into the rising swirl of hot gases inside the Turaktor. As a result, the educt is thoroughly mixed with the rising hot gases. This ensures almost instantaneous conversion of the pollutants and complete oxidation of the injected material.

Depending on the application, the reaction products are either recyclable materials (e.g. for the recovery of precious metals) or inert ash suitable for landfill disposal.


Version 2

How version 2 of the Turaktor works This version is used for slag-forming waste. The burner is located in the top section of the Turaktor high-turbulence combustion chamber. Because of the special form of the burner and the tangential orientation of the inlet nozzles in the combustion zone, strong turbulences are produced which guarantee complete oxidation of the hazardous waste. The flue gases are discharged at the bottom of the Turaktor together with the slag.



In accordance with the customer’s requirements, Eisenmann can provide the Turaktor as a stand-alone component or as a complete solution. The complete solution comes equipped with a downstream waste heat recovery system perfectly tailored to the flue gas produced by the reactor and a flue gas purification system that complies with all relevant statutory requirements.


Disposal of toxic liquids and gases

Low-calorific-value liquid or gaseous waste is fed directly into the top of the high-turbulence combustion chamber. Liquid or gaseous waste with a higher calorific value, by contrast, is fed into the Turaktor’s pre-combustion chamber in order to make efficient use of its fuel value.

Where required, the Eisenmann Turaktor high-turbulence combustion chamber is equipped with a waste heat recovery system and with a downstream flue gas purification system tailored to the requirements of the flue gas, e.g. with quencher, washing columns and wet electrostatic precipitator.

Disposal of slag-forming liquids

Following the oxidation of hazardous materials at 1,100 °C, the flue gases are removed from the bottom section of the Turaktor high-turbulence combustion chamber together with the slag and instantly colled in a quencher located below the Turaktor.

As a result, the solidified slag can easily be removed. The cooled flue gas is purified in an extensive downstream flue gas purification system in accordance with statutory requirements.

Thermal treatment of

  • Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP's)
  • Hazardous waste/toxic materials
  • Hazardous gases
  • Liquid waste and production residues
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Catalyst regeneration