Waste Disposal

The Eisenmann Chambustor® Chamber Kiln

Flow sheet of the Eisenmann Chambustor® chamber kiln

The Chambustor chamber kiln developed by Eisenmann is employed e.g. to recover precious metals from solid and viscous materials. The Chambustor chamber kiln is also used for the environmentally-friendly disposal of highly toxic or contaminated materials.

The Chambustor, used for batch processing, represents a cost-efficient solution for the disposal of waste produced discontinously or in small quantities.

Materials to be treated thermally are fed into muffles or tanks. The Chambustor chamber kiln can be filled automatically or manually. Liquid waste can be evaporated in a controlled manner in open vessels.


  • Chamber kiln (batch mode)
  • Roller-type kiln (continuous mode)
  • Shuttle kiln (quasi-continuous mode)


  • Oil removal from mill scale and mill scale sludge
  • Recovery of precious metals
  • Catalyst regeneration
  • Treatment of contaminated soil
  • Treatment of hazardous waste/toxic materials

The Eisenmann Chambustor chamber kiln is also employed for the safe disposal of ammunition.


  • Conversion of organic content by oxidation
  • Cost-efficient process for the thermal treatment of small waste quantities
  • Batch operation
  • Temperatures up to 1.000°C possible
  • Customer-specific types