Paint Shops for Automotive

E-Shuttle 200

E-Shuttle 200 is a space-saving conveyor for pretreatment and dip-coating processes in the automotive industry. The system is exceptionally compact – thanks to a winning combination of shuttle and pendulum technology. It is ideal for applications with high throughputs, and for plant updates and conversions. For further information on E-Shuttle 200, please see our data sheet.

E-Shuttle 300

E-Shuttle 300 - The flexible dip coating system with additional lifting and wrist axes! All the car body types from passenger cars to trucks can be moved through the pretreatment and EC processes with an individual dipping curve tailored to the requirements of the respective product.E_SHUTTLE

E-Shuttle - the flexible dip-conveyor system for the automobile industry

VarioShuttle v.4

At Eisenmann, the story of success of the dip coating systems with PLC started with the VarioShuttle in 2000. Numerous customers of the automotive industry have already been using this technology for years. With the current version 4, we have increased system availability and integrated additional functions. VarioShuttle integrates seamlessly into existing plants.


VarioShuttle as a flexible transport system in dip-pretreatment and paint systems for automobiles