Paint Shops for Automotive


Cross flow current Venturi scrubberPretreatment is the prelude to any coating process. A clean and corrosion-resistant surface is a mandatory basis for flawless coating. In the pretreatment plant, first all the impurities and residues from upstream processes must be removed from the workpiece surface.

Among others, these are corrosion inhibition oil, drawing greases or welding and adhesive residues from the body shop, for example. Subsequently, the first corrosion protection is applied to the car bodies that have been cleaned in a wet chemical process.

EC Plants

In the EC plant, the still damageable car bodies get their first coating. In this electrochemical process, the particles in the water-based dip paint are deposited on the car body that acts as the cathode. As soon as the EC paint has cured thermally, the car bodies have been imparted their most important corrosion protection. With our products such as the E|SHUTTLE and the round dialysis cells, we provide you with EC plants tailored to your requirements.

Round Dialysis Cells

Round dialysis cellsRound dialysis cells are indispensable for an optimum high-grade EC process. They keep up an anolyte circuit to withdraw the paint bath acid that is continuously generated at the anodes. This guarantees utmost coating quality due to the optimum arrangement of the electric fields - and thus a more homogeneous coating. Round dialysis cells can be retrofitted at any time and default equipment of our EC plants.