Paint Shops for Automotive

Large-Capacity Booths

The aircraft industry is another important clientele of Eisenmann. Here, corrosion protection and appearance also play an important part. Large components as well as complete aircrafts are coated in our large-capacity booths.

State-of-the-art aircraft construction is getting more and more sophisticated, the use of composite materials is increasing. Thus, the use of new activating processes prior to coating is also becoming more frequent. As a systems supplier, we therefore incorporate alternative processes such as laser technology into our large-capacity booths in addition to the traditional sanding processes.

Our flexible large-capacity booths are also used in other branches of industry. We have planned and constructed hundreds of industrial booths with ultramodern systems – for railway vehicles, buses, trucks, machines, cranes, just to mention a few examples. Talk to us, we shall gladly share our knowledge with you!