Paint Shops for Automotive


Overspray particles are released into the air during painting. Using an intelligent filtration method, E-Cube removes overspray from the air without the need for chemicals, water or other additives (such as binding agents). The energy and resource efficient system is simple to use and can be operated by unskilled staff. It is made from 60 to 80 per cent recycled material, simplifying both storage and disposal. E-Cube is suitable for use in plants of all sizes, and can easily be retrofitted to existing systems.

E-Cube can be used in any wet paint application, for example by automakers, automotive suppliers and by manufacturers of commercial and agricultural vehicles. Other areas of application include wind power, plastics coating, and metal finishing.

You can find more information about E-Cube on our fact sheet.


The Eisenmann E-Scrub technology is the green lung in the paint shop. The electrostatic separator ensures a very low percentage of remaining particles in the exhaust air and guarantees extremely low operating costs at the same time. With E-Scrub we are persistently true to our philosophy of providing environmentally-friendly and sustainable coating processes



E-Scrub - the new electrostatic paint separation system


Spray Booths

Eisenmann spray booths are tailored accurately to each customer's requirements. From the supply air system to the plenum right up to the actual housing: all the components are planned, designed and manufactured by one source. The booth design meets highest quality standards. Cables and pipework are integrated into the fames of the booth modules. In this way, the inner booth surfaces stay smooth and easy to clean. Lamps are positioned outside the booth and are convenient to access.


The workstation concept of Eisenmann offers the appropriate solution for every application. From the open "audit" workstation to the closed spot-repair booth: we plan and implement all the workstations according to their functions in dialog with you. Our design engineers use their long-standing versatile experience to your benefit.