Cavity Preservation

To make car bodies corrosion-resistant, they pass through several coating processes. In these processes, however, the material does not reach the cavities inside the car body. To protect them against corrosion as well, layers of wax are applied to these interior spaces, which is generally referred to as cavity preservation.

Eisenmann offers two cavity preservation methods:

Spray Process for Cavity Preservation

Nozzle head for cavity preservation

Nozzle head for cavity preservation

Accessibility of the cavities from the outside through appropriate openings is a prerequisite for spraying.

Robots equipped with the appropriate spraying tool perform the spray process for cavity preservation. The spraying tool is a nozzle head with various spray nozzles. According to the respective opening for accessing the cavity, the appropriate nozzle is used. For the selection and individual design of the nozzle head, we team up with competent partners, and integrate the selected solution into the overall plant. The wax for cavity preservation flows through circular pipelines and stub lines from the storage tank of the Eisenmann material supply system to the place of application.