Anaerobic Digestion Technology

Eisenmann has developed a modular anaerobic digestion system that provides maximum flexibility for a variety of applications and a wide range of feedstocks.


Feedstock Flexibility
Our system can process 0-45% solids and typically has no need for dilution. As a reference point: Food waste is usually between 25-35% solids. With that, our system offers a high level of flexibility in feedstock blends including green and yard waste.

Maximized Biogas Production
High biogas production can improve the economic success and revenue of a project. Eisenmann’s refined technology ensures an optimal digestion environment and maximized biogas yield: Being fully automated, the system features a slow moving agitator for continuous mixing to keep substrate and microbes in contact. At the same time, the remote process control monitors and adjusts feed rates and temperatures for optimum conditions within the digester.

Safe Operation and Low Maintenance Costs
Thanks to the automated and continuous material dosing, the system operates smoothly without the need to enter the system for unloading and restacking. Plus, all bearings and maintenance parts are located on the outside of the digester, which makes them easily accessible for check-ups.

Robust, Modular System
Eisenmann’s system has a high tolerance of inorganic materials such as incidental plastics and papers. The modular design ensures optimum uptime and is ideal for future plant expansions.

→ Long Term Project Security and Profitability Eisenmann has over 90 biogas installations worldwide and has been operating in the US since 1977. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable, flexible and efficient biogas technology to ensure long term security and profitability for your anaerobic digestion project.