Anaerobic Digestion Process

In a continuous, automated process you’ll typically see these kinds of steps:


Before feeding the organic material to the system, it goes through a pre-processing stage for substrate conditioning, for example opening plastic bags and containers to expose organic material, remove contaminates and reduce particle size to make digestion easier. The substrate feeding happens in an automated process and allows the digesters to operate continuously while the substrate conditioning happens as needed. The feeding station can be sized to dose over a weekend to reduce personnel onsite. The material is fed to the Main Digester that converts the feedstock into biogas and digestate. If it makes sense, the digestate can be separated into a press cake - similar to compost - and a liquid portion. The Post Digester offers storage of the liquid digestate. It further dissolved and continues the break down of organics in the liquid. Biogas Consumer: Biogas upgrading unit or CHP for electricity and heat.