Heat Treatment

Fully Automatic Roller Plants for Utmost Efficiency

Due to their conceptual design it is easy to automate roller plants, which are thus ideal for the series production of large piece numbers. Intelligent detail solutions such as the A-lock minimize the energy consumption and maintenance effort and thus provide for extremely efficient operation.

These benefits combined with the high reproducibility of the described plant concept are the reason why the Eisenmann roller plant is in use at almost all notable manufacturers of aluminum wheels.

Push-through plant for high throughputs

Developed for high throughputs, push-through plants make it possible to reduce the energy consumption even further due to their compact design and the sophisticated detail solutions.

A special feature of push-through plants for the heat treatment of wheels is that for quenching after the annealing process the product carriers are not quenched together with the wheels. The energy stored in the product carrier serves as a heat source in the downstream aging oven, covering a large part of the heat required.

Tailor-made plants

Plant types especially optimized for the intended application are used for the heat treatment of cylinder heads, structural parts, body parts or special parts. Depending on the requirements and the piece numbers, our engineers select the optimum concept and combine chamber or continuously operating furnaces with the appropriate material flow and handling concept.